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COVID Safe Security Guards

Professional Security Guard Hire

When you need extra security, we at Partisan Protective Services are the ones to call. We service Sydney Wide. Our officers are hand-selected, go through extensive background checks, and are screened for substances.

For trusted and professional security guard hire in Sydney and surrounds, get in touch with our team today. Contact us online or call us on 1300 949 944

Specially Trained COVID Safe Security Guards

At Partisan Protective Services, we have over 30 years’ experience in providing highly trained and professional security guard hire services throughout Sydney and the Central Coast. All our security guards for hire undergo extensive training and are fully qualified and licensed. They also hold all necessary occupational requirements including First Aid  training and OH&S Green Cards. 

Able to perform a variety of roles, and available on both short and long term basis, our security guards are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional service and peace of mind. 

Our COVID safe security guards can ensure staff, subcontractors and visitors to sites adhere with COVID safe rules and regulations now in place.

Our security guards are available for a wide range of security solutions including:

  • COVID Safe Security Marshalls
  • Access control
  • Control room staff
  • Personal protection
  • Covert security for retail spaces
  • Security escorts
  • Patrol guards
  • Mobile security patrols
COVID Safe Security

Site-specific incident reports

We ensure effective communication channels between our security teams and clients.

Comprehensive incident reports covering details of routine patrols, unusual activity, and major incidences. From minor safety hazards and maintenance issues to serious security risks or concerns.

Control room access & operations

Control room operations to ensure your business, event or space has a birds eye view. Working closely with on the ground personal, you’ll have comprehensive security coverage.

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Emergency first aid

As required by NSW regulation, all our security guards are trained in emergency first aid, with certification updated every three years.

High-risk environments

Our guards are trained and equipped to handle a range of high risk environments. Our security management plans ensure that no matter the environments our personnel face, they’ll be up to the task.

Why Hire Static Security Guards?

There are many reasons why you may need to add a security officer to your location. Security officers provide that extra measure of protection and can respond to incidents promptly.

Their presence alone significantly reduces theft, criminal activity and vandalism. Also, having a security guard at your location improves customer service and gives your customers a sense of safety.

Security officers help keep the peace during the holidays, strikes or other times of temporary discord. Their expertise in controlling crowds makes them valuable, and their presence can save your business money in damages.

By having a security guard at your business, your employees will feel safer. 

At Partisan Protective Services, our security guard hire services are second to none. All our security guards are trained to deal in a range of security environments and pride themselves on their professionalism.

Our security personnel are most commonly utilised for commercial buildings, construction sites, schools and universities, hotels, shopping centres and events. 

Whether you need site monitoring or access control, our private security guards can help you.

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What Sites Are Ideal For Static Security Guards?

Retail loss prevention

Monitor customer transactions, as well as prevent theft or vandalism. 

Construction sites

Keep valuable equipment, machinery and tools secure with professionally trained and certified guards.

Corporate buildings

Building patrols, access and exit monitoring, surveillance monitoring and more.

Residential buildings

Trained and licensed security concierge services for high rise buildings, hotels, and apartments.


Ensure a safe teaching and learning environment for staff and students. 

Shopping centres

Static guards, LPOs, and concierge services for a wide range of shopping centres.


In Australia, standard unarmed security guards can cost between $30-$60 an hour, while armed security guards can cost between $50-$70 per hour. There are a number of factors that can affect how much it costs to hire a security guard in Sydney.

For example, guards with more extensive training and experience are more likely to be costlier, as they provide a higher level of expertise. The type of business or event you’re securing, as well as the season and security routine requested can also all influence the overall cost of hiring security guards.

At Partisan Protective Services, we provide highly trained security guards at competitive rates. To find out more contact us online or call us on 1300 94 99 94.

A loss prevention officer (LPO) is a more discreet type of security guard, most often positioned in retail spaces and settings to prevent or apprehend shoplifters, vandals and even employees looking to steal from the till. LPOs bolster retail security through surveillance monitoring, developing security procedures and making retail security assessments. According to recent retail crime research, crime-related loss in retail stores amounted to $3.37 billion in 2017-2018, the majority of which was attributed to theft.

Static security guards are the most recognisable form of security officers and are responsible for mobile patrols, entry/exit control, cctv monitoring and other security services. In general, static security guards are stationed to a specific site and responsible for its protection and security.

All our security guards are fully licensed and qualified and undertake continual training to ensure we deliver the best security services available. With many officers from military or policing backgrounds, a number of our security guards are also trained and licensed in the use of firearms and familiar with a range of security environments. In addition, all our security guards undergo extensive background checks.

Static security guards are particularly effective for locations and assets that are within a fixed area. For example, retail spaces have a high concentration of valuable stock in one area which ca be effectively monitored with a static guard. 

To keep our officers accountable, they are monitored remotely by our control and response centre 24/7. It’s this attention to detail and transparency which helps ensure the best results. Our knowledgeable team is available to answer any questions and to discuss how a security officer can benefit your business.