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Using innovative technology, Partisan Protective Services provides a range of electronic security system services to residential and commercial clients in Sydney, Central Coast and Surrounds.

Electronic surveillance and security systems are the first lines of defence against criminal activity. And they can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At Partisan Protective Services, we’ll tailor a system to your location and specifications to ensure maximum protection and emergency response. As a leading security company in Sydney, no matter your security requirements, we have a solution for you. 

We offer a variety of alarm monitoring and electronic security options from entry protection, including cameras motion sensors and glass break detectors. While CCTV cameras hooked up to monitors within your home or business can scan the surrounds of your premises or even inside.

Electronic security system technology is more than just alarms. Today’s systems provide complete coverage tailored to your life, business and location.

Alarm System Monitoring

The heart of your surveillance is in the alarm system. It controls all the components and is where you customise the functions.

We’ll install the system and train you how to use it.

An effective alarm system is one of the most effective deterrents available for keeping intruders out of your home or  business. The sound of a loud alarm is usually enough to send any would-be thieves and vandals packing. It will also alert anyone nearby that there is a problem.

Our alarm systems will also send a signal to our officers, who can then head to your location with both in-car and body-worn cameras to capture exactly what’s going on and ensure your property is safe. We can also install CCTV cameras so they stream to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. That way, if an alarm is triggered, you can monitor the situation remotely.

Alarm Siren

An audible sound that activates when triggered. The piercing sound attracts attention from neighbours or passersby.

Smoke detector

Keep your family safe from smoke inhalation caused by fire by installing a smoke detector.

Our smoke detectors have the option of alerting your local fire department when triggered. That allows you to focus on getting everyone on the property to safety. These smoke detectors also sense carbon monoxide, a dangerous, odourless and otherwise undetectable gas.

Motion Sensor

Innovative and practical, motion sensors detect movement inside your home or business.

Most security measures are about preventing intruders from attempting to break into your property to begin with. A motion sensor light might not seem like a particularly effective deterrent, but they are one of the most effective security measures available.

They can be set to allow for pet movement while still protecting your home from burglars. Motion sensors can also be set to alert authorities silently or with an alarm siren.

Depending on your configuration, the sudden triggering of a motion sensor will leave an intruder illuminated by bright lights or spooked by a security alarm. They’re unlikely to attempt a break-in after that.

If your property is surrounded by wildlife, we can configure your motion sensors so they won’t be triggered by every passing rabbit or rodent. You can also set up your motion sensors so that security cameras start recording when they’re triggered. This enables you to check that the alarm is genuine before you worry about a potential intruder.

Door Contact & Controls

We install door contacts on exterior doors and the surrounding frame. When someone opens the door, the contacts are broken and trigger an audible alarm.

When the alarm system is turned off, a small audible beep will alert you when someone enters the building. Such a function is ideal for families or retail businesses.

Door access control ensures that only authorised personnel can access the most sensitive areas of your business premises. This seemingly basic security measure is actually one of the most effective available to any business. 


With the right access control configuration, you can prevent many of the most common security threats businesses face. 


Door access can require the use of a keycard or token or the use of a security code. In either case, only those with the appropriate permission will be able to access sensitive parts of your building.

Security Camera

One of the most effective measures against crime is the security camera.

It captures and records activity, stores the digital files and transmits the video to clients, store managers, or authorities. Camera activity can also be monitored live via your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Security cameras are another effective deterrent that makes potential intruders think twice before targeting your business. 

If a would-be burglar or vandal sees you have security cameras recording, they are much less likely to target your property. 

If they decide to go ahead anyway, security cameras won’t only capture them in the act; they also provide security personnel with a means of monitoring the situation live and calling in security officers if necessary.

Glass Break Detector

These detectors are designed to detect the frequency of shattering glass.

When triggered, they instantly alert authorities if anyone attempts to enter a building by breaking a window. Like the motion detector, it can silently alert authorities or set off an audible siren.

Our knowledgeable team is available to discuss how an electronic security system will help protect your home or business.

How Alarm Systems Prevent Theft

Alarm systems are ideal for preventing theft and loss prevention

At Partisan Protective Services, we’ve helped hundreds of families and businesses prevent theft through industry leading alarm and security monitoring systems. These systems help prevent theft in a number of ways. 

Alarm Systems Give Intruders A Time Limit

If a potential thief were able to gain entry into your home or business, once the alarm is triggered it gives the thief a clear time limit before they are likely caught. Once an alarm begins to sound, it becomes increasingly risky to stick around. With our alarm monitoring, we can also alert both yourself and the police of an unwanted intruder in your home, greatly increasing the response time to the scene. 

Alarm Systems Are A Clear Deterrent 

An alarm system is another clear deterrent to criminals looking for an easy target. Just as locks, bolted doors and high fences increase the difficulty of penetrating a property, an alarm system is another level of resistance for opportunistic thieves. With an obvious alarm system, there is a clear signal that even if someone were to enter your property, they’ll only have a limited amount of time to act. 

Alarm Systems Prompt Additional Security

Triggered alarms make additional security personnel aware of a potential issue. This is especially true for retail and other commercial properties. With professional alarm systems the noise created as well as the alarm system in place notifies owners, staff members and other security guards. An alarm draws attention to what is going on, which draws eyes to a location. It makes getting away more difficult, and often means there are more witnesses after a crime.


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