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Event Security Sydney

Hire Sydney's Best Event Security Company

Protective Services offers reliable event security throughout Sydney, Central Coast and Surrounds.

Whether your event is small or large, our highly trained staff is skilled at helping direct traffic, keeping the peace and providing first aid treatment.

We’ll tailor a security plan for your event and train our officers accordingly. Clients can trust in our officers’ ability to respond promptly to any issues, file paperwork correctly and perform duties specific to their site.

Security Officers Trained For Events

Our highly trained officers provide a presence which deters criminal activity and provides added comfort to patrons.

In massive crowd situations, officers promptly respond to incidents, offer directions, assist with lost children and call for emergency medical personnel if necessary.

Event Traffic Services

Keep order, protect landscaping and prevent vehicle damage with our event traffic services.

Our staff will work with you to ensure your guests can park quickly and efficiently so they can be at the venue on time. We’ll also stay afterwards to make sure your visitors find their vehicles and exit the premises safely.

First Aid Qualified Security

Accidents happen, especially when many people congregate in the same area.

Our qualified staff is trained to treat minor injuries efficiently and with compassion. They can also call for emergency medical services if needed.

We offer event security services to the following:

Sporting events

Large council festivals

School fetes

Car shows


Outdoor cinemas

We welcome all enquiries and are available to discuss how our services can help your next event run more smoothly.

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