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The need for quality security services in Sydney and the Central Coast continues to increase with each passing day. This can be regardless of whether you want to secure your home or office. No place remains risk-free when it comes to thefts and various other crimes that can potentially take place.

Hence, whether you run a bank or a retail store, you will want to make your property safer and securer. For starters, you will want to make your premises safe for your workers and employees. Similarly, you will want to ensure that all the assets in your building remain secure at all times.

Experienced & Professional Security Company

At Partisan Protective Services, we specialise in providing security solutions to our clients. Since 2016, we have gained renown for being one of the leading providers of security and integrated services throughout New South Wales. We’re an Australian owned and managed business.

Our owners have more than 30 years of experience in the Australian security industry. This enables us to provide innovative and holistic security solutions to all our clients. Unlike other service providers, we have an extensive, diverse and motivated workforce. Hence, we can provide your organisation with flexible solutions tailored to suit your specific needs.

For these reasons, many residential and commercial property owners engage professional security services. These service providers provide unarmed static guards and armed guards to clients to boost the security of the clients’ buildings and facilities.

The role of security guards invariably revolves around maintaining security and preventing crime. But, on occasions, guards can serve other objectives too. For instance, they could provide first aid or assist your customers and employees. Your security guards will not only act as suitable deterrents to prospective burglars and criminals. They can also provide peace of mind by promoting a sense of security among your workers and visitors.

From mobile patrols to construction site security services in Sydney, we can provide it all. Some of our most popular range of services include:

  • Security manpower
  • Armed guards
  • Cash in transit
  • Cleaning and property-related services
  • Security and alarm monitoring
  • Risk assessments
  • Electronic security installation and maintenance services and,
  • Front line maintenance of ATMs

Industry-Leading Security Services

We have earned a formidable reputation in the industry for the quality and value of our services. With us meeting your security needs, you can focus your time and energy on other matters of importance.

The professionals we employ will not only protect all your valuables and assets. They will keep your workers, visitors and facilities safe at all times too. For more details, make an enquiry online or give us a call at 1300 94 99 94.

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