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How Many Security Guards Does Your Event Need?

Festival Event Security in Central Coast & Sydney, NSW

Wondering how much security you need for your next event?

Commercial property and business owners will inevitably feel the need to host a myriad of promotional or informational events. These events could be formal such as seminars, exhibitions etc. Alternatively, they could be informal such as parties etc. In either scenario, it will be safe to assume that a large number of people will be attending the event.

Naturally, the hosts or organisers of these events will want to leave no stone unturned towards making the event a success. To this end, they will undoubtedly focus on a diverse range of elements and details. However, one of the aspects that they will do well to examine in detail will involve the security needed for the event.

Events and parties can often face various security-related concerns. To minimise these, you will need the right number of security guards – especially for controlling the crowds attending these events. Consider an event with a festive and high-energy atmosphere. In these events, the situation could go out of hand very quickly.

Hence, you will need to station some security guards among the people. This would enable them to spot volatile situations quickly and prevent the situation from going out of hand. In subdued affairs, you could get by with guards stationed at the entrances only.

How To Estimate Your Event Security Requirements

Event security companies in Sydney and other places typically estimate the number of security guards needed for events based on the size of the event. They also consider the size of the venue. The number of guests or visitors attending the event can also provide an idea of the number of security guards the event will require. For some companies, having one guard per 100 people at an event can be a reasonable working estimate.

So, if you have an estimated headcount of 2,000 visitors for your event, you will need at least 20 security guards. But, this estimate only serves to provide a reasonable idea. Depending on your requirements, this estimate could undergo multiple revisions. For instance, you might be comfortable with 20 unarmed guards at your event. But, in some cases, you might want to have additional guards such as armed guards as well.

Small Event Security

For small and medium-sized events and parties, don’t skimp on your security personnel. If held outdoors in large areas, you will require several guards. These guards will be useful for controlling exit and entry in different locations. Similarly, an event conducted in larger rooms and auditoriums or stadiums might necessitate similar arrangements. Controlling the crowds could become difficult if the venue seems to be smaller as opposed to the number of guests invited.

On some occasions, it could be likely that more guests might attend the event than you had planned. Such situations could become chaotic. To minimise such occurrences, give your security personnel a pre-determined guest list.

Large Event Security

For large-scale events, you will undoubtedly require a larger number of security personnel. Contact the local event of party security hire service to share your security requirements. Large crowds could become out of control quite easily. Hence, you will want to avoid situations where you remain understaffed in terms of your security staff.

It can be worth highlighting that insufficient security at large events could lead to legal liability implications. This will typically be the scenario in case a guest (or guests) sustain injury from a crowd-related issue. For regular events with no expensive assets on display, you might require only unarmed security guards. However, for high-profile events featuring high-value assets and VIPs, you will require visibly armed security guards.

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