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Planning For Covid-Safe Social Functions With Event Security

As case numbers drop and regulations are gradually relaxed, it’s time to return to a not-quite normal. Gatherings are once again permitted, within limits. After a difficult year of isolation, lockdown and border restrictions, social events are back on the agenda. 

However, there are still restrictions and limitations in place. Planning and running an event requires special consideration to ensure it is compliant with Covid-Safe guidelines. 

Hefty fines can be incurred if your event does not comply with current regulations. So, how do you go about planning an event? And who can you call on to ensure your special event goes without a hitch and your guests abide by the regulations?

1. Complete a Covid-safe plan

Forms to complete a covid-safe plan are available for all types of businesses and events. Filling out a plan will help you to identify what steps you need to take to ensure your event is compliant with current regulations and is a legal requirement. 

You can download and print a form at Covid-19 Safety Plans.

2. Venue capacity

Consider the capacity of your preferred venue. The general rule is to allow 4 square metres per person for indoor venues and 2 square metres for outdoor venues where an event is being held. 

Upper limits of the overall number of people apply depending on the type of event. These rules will change over time so it’s advisable to check information provided by the NSW government regularly. It’s also recommended to have some level of event security to enforce these capacities.

Check the NSW Government Covid-19 Website for details.

3. Recording contact details

In the interests of everyone’s health, all guests attending an event must provide their names and a contact number.

This makes it easy to contact them if a fellow guest later returns a positive result for Covid-19. One entry point for the event will make it easier to manage this process and to ensure compliance with numbers.

4. Sanitizer and hand washing

Yes, we have all washed our hands so many times they are starting to shine. Nevertheless, it’s vitally important that guests either wash their hands or apply sanitizer on entry to the event.

It’s easy to set up a sanitizing station at the entry point for your event. Remember to supply plenty of soap and hand-drying options in bathroom facilities.

5. Social distancing

Provide guidelines and information to guests regarding social distancing regulations which are still 1.5 metres between people who do not reside together. Posters about safety and hygiene are available and can be placed around the venue as a reminder.

While face masks are not mandatory, some people may prefer to wear them. They are recommended when in contact with the elderly or other high-risk individuals.

Keep Your Event Safe And Secure

This may seem complicated, but remember that most people are Covid aware and willingly compliant with regulations. Once you have decided on your plan, our fully trained security staff at Partisan Protective are more than happy to help.

In addition to our usual Sydney event security services, we are happy to oversee your event to ensure compliance with Covid regulations.

Leaving you free to enjoy entertaining and mingling with your guests. For more details, please call us at 1300 94 99 94 or contact us online.

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