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When you need extra security, we at Partisan Protective Services are the ones to call. We service Sydney Metro, Western Sydney, NSW, Gosford, Tuggerah, and Wyong. Our officers are hand-selected, go through extensive background checks, and are screened for substances.

Specially Trained Security Guards

Site-specific incident reports

Control room access & operations

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Emergency first aid

High-risk environments

There are many reasons why you may need to add a security officer to your location. Security officers provide that extra measure of protection and can respond to incidents promptly.

Their presence alone significantly reduces theft, criminal activity and vandalism. Also, having a security guard at your location improves customer service and gives your customers a sense of safety.

Security officers help keep the peace during the holidays, strikes or other times of temporary discord. Their expertise in controlling crowds makes them valuable, and their presence can save your business money in damages.

By having a security guard at your business, your employees will feel safer.

Why Hire Static Security Guards?

Retail loss prevention

Construction sites

Corporate buildings

Residential buildings


Shopping centres

To keep our officers accountable, they are monitored remotely by our control and response centre 24/7. It’s this attention to detail and transparency which helps ensure the best results. Our knowledgeable team is available to answer any questions and to discuss how a security officer can benefit your business.

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