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With more than 30 years of industry experience, Partisan Protective Services understands the critical role security plays for homes and businesses. We are recognised as a trusted provider of protection and security services in Sydney and the Central Coast.

Our commitment to exceptional service and your peace of mind puts us above the competition. When you’re in need of a total security solution in an evolving environment, Partisan Protective Services will provide you with the security requirements necessary to meet every threat.  

We offer business transparency and take pride in our high ethical standards. Every contract is fulfilled completely and to your satisfaction.

Our extensive and diverse workforce gives us the flexibility to tailor our services to meet your exact needs. What this means is that every officer will receive training specific to your location. Providing you with the best security services possible.

Our officer training includes control room access procedures, emergency response protocols, and forms or logs. As a leading security company in Sydney, you can rest assured your security monitoring is under control.

Full Suite Of Security Services

We provide a wide range of security services, including but not limited to:

Our officers represent some of the best personnel in the security industry. All our security guards have undergone extensive training as well as background checks, and are certified in emergency first aid.

Equipped to handle a range of environments, our officers will provide effective and professional security management no matter your situation. 

Rapid response mobile security patrols to keep your premise secure. Our mobile patrol services offer real-time site visit verification including full video and audio coverage, providing our clients with a transparent account of any incident report. 

Front line maintenance ATMs

Front line maintenance for your ATMs with fully trained security services. Our professional and experienced guards can assist you quickly and effectively. 

When you need an extra level of security, our armed guard services offer protection and peace of mind. Many of our officers have ex-military or law enforcement backgrounds and have extensive training in firearms and high-risk environments.. 

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Our guards significantly reduce the risks associated with the collection, transportation and processing of cash to and from your premises. We ensure your assets remain protected from robbers or any other potential threats. 

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Risk assessments

Receive professional grade threat intelligence and risk assessments for your residential and commercial property. We identify critical security risks and vulnerabilities to support businesses and organisations make informed decisions on their security management.

Alarm system, video surveillance, smoke and motion detector installation and more. We provide comprehensive security system technology to keep your home or business secure. Our electronic surveillance systems are tailored to your specifications to provide industry leading security responses. 

Alarm monitoring is a crucial component of any security system. Our team can install a variety of alarm systems and tools including sirens, smoke detectors, motion sensors, door contacts and glass break detectors to ensure any form of intrusion results in a rapid response. 

As a trusted security service provider we are ideally suited to offer a full range of commercial cleaning services. Available throughout the Greater Sydney region our cleaning services are founded on exceptional customer service and reliability.

Security Services For Home & Business

At Partisan Protective we ensure that no matter your security needs, our team has the solutions. From expertly trained security guard services and access control to home-security systems to prevent burglary and theft. We provide security solutions tailored to your situation and environment. 

Commercial & Business Security Services

We know the security requirements for every business is different. Some need 24/7 alarm and CCTV monitoring and highly trained armed security, while others require more discrete private security guards. We work with our clients to design an integrated security plan that keeps your assets protected from loss, damage and closure.

Residential Security Services

We also offer a range of home protection services and home security systems to keep your home secure. This includes alarm sirens for the home, smoke detectors, motion sensors, door and window contacts, security cameras and more. When it comes to installing protective security equipment in and around the perimeter of your home, we have a range of solutions to suit your needs and budget.

At Partisan Protective Services, we do more than protect the community. We enjoy giving back to it by supporting and participating in charitable events and sponsorships.

Our staff also enjoys providing volunteer work throughout our communities with national organisations like Autism Advisors and support services, CareFlight and Rural Fire Service.

We welcome enquiries and are happy to discuss how our protection services can give you peace of mind.

Our Vision Statement

We strive to be an industry leader providing unique services for customers and clients, with highly skilled professionals who provide quality customer service.


What security services do you provide?

We provide a comprehensive range of security services throughout Sydney and the Central Coast region. From manned services like security guard hire, event security and mobile patrols to electronic security systems and alarm monitoring, our highly experienced team can provide solutions to meet your business or residential needs.

How do I know what security services are right for my business?

At Partisan Protective Services, our security consultants will work with you to develop a strategic plan that makes sense for both your business and budget. As a leading security company in Sydney and the Central Coast, our diverse workforce and capabilities gives us the flexibility to tailor the right services to meet your needs, no matter your requirements.