Partisan Protective Services

Our staff

Our Staff

Managing Director

Patrick George

Patrick George Managing Director Sydney Security Company

As Managing Director, Mr. George oversees the operation and development of Partisan Protective Services.

His extensive leadership experience gives him the ability to manage the many aspects of the corporation which include finances, marketing and sales, infrastructure and contracts. Patrick is well respected in the security business and provides Partisan Protective Services with a high level of professional expertise as we strive to expand our services to meet an ever-changing industry.

National Risk & Operations Manager

Kahli McConnachie

Kahli McConnachie​ - Security services in Sydney & Central Coast, NSW

Kahli specialises in the management of operations whose focus is to improve profit, productivity and efficiency.

Her 14 years of experience spans across many areas including, client management, administration, employee performance and risk management. She is responsible for the implementation of security initiatives to minimise risk and enhance business operations through innovative practices and technology.

At Partisan Protective Services, our goal is to provide you with exceptional service and security. That’s why we carefully select every officer we employ and make sure they share our commitment to integrity and customer service. Upon hiring, each new officer must undergo a thorough background check and drug screening.

In addition, we provide extensive training and require continued education to ensure up to date adherence to laws and policies. We believe the best service comes from the best people and we take pride in our team.

It’s this dedication to quality which makes us Sydney and the Central Coast’s premier choice for safety and protection. We welcome all enquiries and are available to discuss how our services can give you peace of mind.