What is Back to Base Monitoring, And Do I Need It?

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Back to Base Monitoring Is A Fast & Effective Security Solution

When you have a property that you need to protect, back to base monitoring might be the perfect solution.

A fast and practical way to pass messages between your own security system, and the central control station of Partisan Protective Services.

This message makes it easier to communicate important situations as they develop, so with the help of alarm monitoring in your Sydney property, you can feel more secure.

What are the basics?

There are several ways in which this monitoring system can be used, but there are some basic principles that will cover any type of home system. The control panel operates a number of sensors around the building, including those on doors and windows, motion detectors, smoke detectors and other specialised devices. When the system is properly armed and a sensor is triggered, they will send a signal to the monitoring station.

Offering you immediate protection

As soon as the first transmission occurs, Partisan Protective Services monitoring teams will be alerted. They can call you, either to let you know that there is an emergency, or to clarify whether it is real or false. If there is no response, or you confirm that there is an emergency, the team will dispatch suitable personnel to assist you. You can also choose to have silent alarms which will prevent intruders from being aware of the signal.

Carrying critical information

The chief benefits that using alarm monitoring systems provide for our clients is that they transmit valuable information from your home security to a monitoring station. As an example, if a fire or smoke detector triggers the alarm, then the monitoring service can react quickly to call for fire and rescue. Other alarms can also trigger specific responses.

Better than unmonitored alarms

If you have a security system in your property that is not monitored, then alarms could go off at any point with no fast way to respond to that emergency. To make sure that you get a better resolution, you can use alarm monitoring to determine whether an emergency response is the best solution.


Alarm Monitoring-Partisan Protective Services
Back to Base Alarm Monitoring

Let us show you how to manage the system

When you need round-the-clock monitoring of your alarms, you should speak to Partisan Protective Services. We can provide you with high-quality alarm monitoring services in Sydney that will allow you to reach out to us whenever you need. To start talking to us about this service, contact us online or call 1300-9499-94 now.

We will make your home and business completely safe.

CCTV security systems stand out as prevalent and efficient measures for safeguarding both residences and commercial establishments. Security surveillance serves as a prominent deterrent to potential intruders, sending a clear message that your premises are not an easy target.

However, the advantages of CCTV installations extend beyond deterring crime. They offer enhanced security for your personnel and foster increased accountability. Many contemporary CCTV setups include real-time monitoring capabilities, ensuring constant vigilance regardless of your location.

At Partisan Protective Services, our diverse array of security camera systems and back to base monitoring to ensure that regardless of your security prerequisites, we offer solutions tailored to your budget and specific needs.

Top Reasons to Choose Partisan Protective Services

for Back to Base Monitoring

  1. 24/7 Vigilant Monitoring: Our state-of-the-art monitoring center operates around the clock, ensuring continuous surveillance and immediate response to any security breaches or emergencies.

  2. Expert Security Team: Staffed by highly trained and experienced professionals, our monitoring team excels in swiftly assessing and addressing potential threats, providing you with peace of mind.

  3. Advanced Technology: We utilise cutting-edge monitoring technology and software, allowing for real-time alerts, detailed analytics, and seamless integration with your existing security systems.

  4. Rapid Response Protocols: Our established protocols ensure quick dispatch of security personnel or emergency services in response to any alert, minimizing potential risks and damages.

  5. Comprehensive Reporting: We provide detailed incident reports and regular updates, keeping you informed about the security status of your property and any actions taken.

  6. Customizable Monitoring Plans: Our back to base monitoring services are tailored to meet your specific needs, offering flexible options that can adapt as your security requirements evolve.

  7. Reliable and Redundant Systems: We employ multiple layers of redundancy and backup systems to ensure uninterrupted monitoring and communication, even in the event of power outages or technical issues.

  8. Cost-Effective Security Solution: Back to base monitoring offers a cost-efficient alternative to on-site security personnel, providing high-level surveillance and rapid response without the higher expense.

  9. Enhanced Security Integration: Our monitoring services can be seamlessly integrated with other security measures, such as mobile patrols and on-site guards, for a comprehensive and cohesive security strategy.

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Choosing Partisan Protective Services for your back to base monitoring means leveraging our expertise, advanced technology, and dedicated team to safeguard your property effectively and efficiently.

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