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8 Construction Site Security Tips For 2020

Construction Site Security in Central Coast & Sydney, NSW

Our Guide To Effective Construction Site Security

Securing a construction site is more than just to guard against theft and vandalism. It is also a requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). This requirement is applicable even if the construction site is unattended or there is currently no activities at the site. Unsecured sites pose a risk to passers-by and the public in general. This is particularly true with children, whose curious nature may lead them to enter  the site unnoticed.

To avoid any untoward incidents at the construction site, security must be in place. At Partisan Protective Services, we specialise in construction site security. 

Here are our 8 top tips to ensure the construction site is secure.

  • Assess the Potential Risk Areas at the Site

Risk assessment needs to be conducted at the construction site. This makes it easier to identify high-risk areas at the site. By identifying these high-risk areas, preventative measures can be undertaken to reduce or eliminate the risk. For areas where armed guards cannot be posted, closed-circuit television cameras can be installed. In this instance, an electronic security Sydney-based company can provide recommendations on the best equipment to use. In other areas, a security guard can be posted.

  • Assign Individuals to Handle Security

It’s important to delegate responsibility to individuals to ensure effective security solutions are carried out. Without dedicated team members or private security staff to maintain effective security and safety measures, things can easily slip between the cracks. 

  • Promote Security Awareness

At this point, the company has the option of hiring its in-house security personnel or get the services of an armed guard services Sydney-based company. It is important to ensure the responsibilities for securing the site are assigned even before the start of the project. This should be implemented in conjunction with the risk assessment of the site.

This is necessary so everyone at the site would be conscious about securing the construction site. Awareness would include informing security personnel of suspicious individuals in the area. It also involves informing the management of areas where accidents may happen. When everyone at the construction site is aware of security, the project will be finished with little to no delays.

  • Supervise Subcontractors 

There may be instances when a construction company will get the services of a subcontractor for certain areas in the project. Due to this, it is necessary to supervise them and ensure they are also aware of the security measures in place. These security measures are implemented not only to protect against theft but also to protect the workers on the site. This would include protecting the subcontractor while they perform their tasks.

  • Properly Schedule Deliveries at the Site

While materials and equipment are normally stored at the construction site to ensure they are ready to be used, it is also important to schedule the delivery properly. It would not be advisable to have finishing materials delivered even before the foundation of the building has been erected. In this regard, it is ideal for materials to be delivered just before they are going to be used. Aside from avoiding theft, it also frees up storage space for materials and equipment that will be used in the first phase of the project.

  • Block Entry Points When The Site is Unattended

This is a no-brainer since security requires entry points to be secured when there is no one working at the site. This is one of the recommendations a reputable construction site security Sydney-based company will give. While security companies may focus on entry points to the site itself, it should not be limited to this. Blocking entry points should also include preventing access to elevated floors, ladders, and scaffolding. This is one way to prevent unwanted incidents or accidents if a minor gains access to the construction site.

  • Mobile Patrols

Aside from static guards, it is important to have mobile patrols to regularly check different areas at the site. An armed guard services Sydneybased company can provide recommendations on how the guards can conduct mobile patrols at the site to ensure all areas are monitored.

  • Use CCTV

Closed-circuit television cameras may be costly, but they can provide extensive coverage of the construction site even if the number of guards is limited. As indicated earlier, an electronic security Sydneybased company can provide recommendations on the equipment. Moreover, they can also provide options that will fit the budget of any company looking to secure a construction site.

The goal of securing a construction site is not limited to guarding against theft, it is also aimed at preventing untoward incidents that may affect the general public.

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