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Mobile patrols

Mobile Security Patrols For Sydney & Central Coast

At Partisan Protective Services, we take pride in our ability to conduct mobile patrols and in our prompt alarm response times. Our coverage area extends to Sydney Metro, Western Sydney, NSW, Wyong, Tuggerah and Gosford. We provide our officers with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure quality services and results you can trust.

Patrol Verification App

Accountable Security Patrols

Partisan Protective Services patrol verification is an app-based portal, which allows our officers to log each patrol in real-time.

For many business owners, we understand how important it is to for sure that your premise getting it security it needs. For Partisan Protective Services, accountability and transparency are two of our core values. That’s why our mobile security patrols offer real-time site visit verification. 

The app has a user-friendly interface is easy to read and reliable and the portal keeps our officers accountable by allowing us to see when active patrols are complete. Our officers are also GPS tracked. Clients can take comfort in knowing we spare no expense to ensure you receive ultimate protection.

Live incident reports

In the event of an incident, the app is capable of creating a live incident report which is immediately sent to you.

The app also has innovative technology which allows photos of the incident to be taken, stored and sent.

Verification reports

It’s proof of service and is part of our transparency and commitment to integrity.

The app also has innovative technology which allows photos of the incident to be taken, stored and sent.

Prompt alarm responses

Innovative technology allows our officers to go into the field with in-car and body-worn cameras.

Such equipment allows us to ensure full video and audio coverage while responding to an alarm and making sure your property is secure.

Benefits Of Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile patrols offer added protection and peace of mind.

At Partisan Protective Services, our mobile security patrols are designed to keep your premise secure and keep your mind at ease. Enlisting a mobile security patrol has a number of distinct benefits:

  • It creates a visible sign of deterrence to would-be intruders 
  • Our mobile patrols conduct both routine and random patrols of your premise
  • Our fully licensed and uniformed security guards carry out checks for insecure windows, entrances and any signs of intrusion
  • If further assistance is required, our trained security guards are able to call in additional emergency services from on-site
  • All our mobile patrol vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art security technology


Mobile security patrols are an ideal security solution for large areas and premises where assets are widely distributed, for example, construction sites. Because it can be extremely expensive to monitor these large and widely distributed assets continuously with a number of static security guards, mobile patrols are often a far more efficient and effective means of protection. Find out more about our industry-leading security services. 

As the security industry evolves, we at Partisan Protective Services are dedicated to improving our services. We’re always staying up to date with not only the latest technology, but with security products, protocols and practices.

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