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Protect your retail store from shoplifters and vandalism with our professionally trained retail security guards.

At Partisan Protective Services we offer comprehensive retail security services throughout Sydney. Our retail guards are an effective solution for deterring shoplifting, employee theft, and other loss prevention activities. 

As well as traditional shopfront security services, our guards can assist your store implement any necessary capacity restrictions due to Covid restrictions. 

With tailored retail security solutions to meet the needs of your business, Partisan Protective Services are your dedicated partner in keeping your premises safe for employees and customers alike. 

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Why Invest In Retail Security?

According to the Australia and New Zealand Retail Crime Survey, customer theft accounts for up to 50% of lost revenue. From telecommunications stores to supermarkets, theft is common across almost every retail category.

Without effective measures in place, it’s left up to staff to enforce security of the store on top of their other responsibilities. Staff can be fearful of making a wrongful accusation against a potential shoplifter or in same cases staff themselves are involved in the theft. 

To prevent losses in revenue due to retail crime, trained and licensed security guards are one one of the best solutions available. 

Customer Oriented Security Services

At Partisan Protective Services, our team are highly trained in providing top-of-the-line security for your shop as well as creating an environment that is safe and welcoming for your customers.

We work hand in hand with business owners and managers to help design systems that reduce loss from crime and delight customers at the same time. 

Our services are tailored to your premises, including everything from correctly greeting and farewelling customers to being situationally aware of potential vulnerabilities. 

Security guard hire is the most common strategy for preventing retail theft, but it is also often used in conjunction with a wide array of loss prevention measures. As a leading security company, we offer a full suite of security services. 

Complete In-Store Security Services

Keep Your Store Secure

Don’t let thieves and criminals create additional challenges for your business. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your security needs. 

All our Sydney security guards are fully qualified and licensed and aim to accommodate your specific business requirements. 

Make an enquiry online or call us today on 1300 949 994.

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With 30 years of experience in the security industry, you can trust in our integrity and dedication to your safety. We welcome enquiries and are available to discuss how our armed services can benefit you or your business. Don't take risks with your safety. Hire Partisan Protective Services for your armed security needs.